Atlanta Fire Chief Sues City After ‘Anti-Gay’ Book Controversy

Former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran and his attorneys have announced that they have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Atlanta.

This, as Cochran’s story is gaining national attention. Cochran was fired, he says, because of his religious beliefs, something that he says violates his constitutional rights.
Cochran was terminated from his job last month, following an investigation by the city after his self-published book “Who Told You That You Were Naked,” came about. The book, which is considered a Bible study guide of sorts expresses Cochran’s personal beliefs, religious convictions and touches on the topics of homosexuality
and lesbianism. Cochran describes the acts as “sexual perversions” equivalent to “pederasty” and “bestiality.”
He had been suspended since November, after questioning whether the book’s passages on homosexuality violated the city’s non-discrimination policy.

But that is not at all how Cochran and his growing number of supporters see things.
“To actually lose my childhood-dream-come-true profession – where all of my expectations have been greatly exceeded – because of my faith is staggering,” Cochran said